Re: [Harp-L] Re: Genius? LOL

Any of my friends that hadn't already heard Dennis certainly have been introduced by me, as far as Brendon goes, I've really enjoyed hearing him play, I'm sure I've shared some of his youtube clips, not the style player I was referring to. I think I've listened to PT Gazelle on youtube once but I really can't recall, so I'm lost on that one. I don't want to name names, that isn't my point or style.

EV630 and I seem to have pretty much the same take on this and I think we probably agree musically on other levels as well. He hit the nail on the head when he says:
Just because you "really, really like" a musician, doesn't mean they're a
genius. It just means you "really, really like" them.

I think there are plenty of folks that would be more accepting, or are more accepting, of harp if it wasn't somebody just wanting to demonstrate their technically focussed chops all night, I've had friends tell me this. I try to listen. JD

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