Just want to give you a heads up on the point to point wired board 

by Scott Berberian (Scooter). I've had my 59 Bassman ri for about

15 years with just minor tube changes and it sounded pretty good.

I've been playing for over 37 years and I've played through dozens of amps

in hundreds of shitholes.


Recently I had my Toronto area amp guy, Rob Fowler, install one of 

Scott Berberian's replacement boards and the result is as follows :

- more bottom end

- warmer tone

- more volume before feedback

- louder


Big thanks to Scott and Rob Fowler for helping me out. 

If you are bored with your Bassman, install one of Scott's boards.

Worth every nickel.

Joe Pinto
"Little Joe & the Werewolves"


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