[Harp-L] Grand Canyon Music Festival

My Festival in Arizona won the Governor's Arts Award, kind of like the Oscar for the State. Pretty cool. Just got back from doing benefit concerts out there and was listening to the BB King channel on radio in the car. Heard a lot of lame harmonica players on it; must of studied with great teacher Rob Paparozzi found on youtube!!!

There were a few good players too, but they were the usual suspects - Kim Wilson, Musselwhite, Wells, etc.

On a more positive note, I am to be featured in the next International Musician mag from the Union. I am working on vibrato this week for the gigs I will get and next week I will work on tone. After that, who knows, maybe single notes. Then I will post it all on youtube - do you think it helps to wear those shades?

Harmonically yours,


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