Re: [Harp-L] playing rhythm harmonica

try this great book /Blues Harmonica Accompaniment Playing by David Barett.
Todd Allen wrote:
Opps I fogot to put the subject matter on that last post.
As a beginner still under 1 year, I have had the good fortune to sit in with some talented musicians during there practices twice a week. Some of them I’ve known since high school (80’s). They go out of there way to be supportive and are constantly telling me to turn it up!! They just want me to play anything.
When I do figure out something that I think fit’s a song there working on, I must say it’s a pretty dam good feeling, even if its only 15 seconds of glory.

The problem I’m having is that they want me to play through the entire song and I just don’t have the experience to know when or when not to play, better yet even what to play.

Is there such thing as playing rhythm harmonica, without walking all over everyone. Like picking a few guitar or bass cords and just humming them along softly.

Most of the Harp stuff I listen to is (Clasic Rock) short and to the point usually at the beginning and a small part in the mid then the end, not throughout the entire song.
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