Re: [Harp-L] B-Radical feed back

I too am wondering about the limited number of reports.  Every report that I've seen has been positive but I don't want to place my order until I've heard a wider range of opinion - somebody somewhere must have at least one minor issue!?  

Also, I'd like to wait until I know they've caught up on deliveries.

Doug H
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        Wow I thought we would see a lot more feed back on the B-Radical harp. I know some people out there, have one by now.  This instrument is so different, I know most of us have a great interest in it's  success.  I know I do.  I like the fact that it is made in Chicago, by Harp players.  I know the price is steep but maybe when it is produced in sufficient quantities the price will come down. but by then perhaps it will be made in China.

       Ed Hart


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