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Just added my version of One More Heartache on MySpace.

Listen for the bass player to drop a beat and the drummer (me) to cover for

Harmonica John Frazer

Cel 619-709-2217

"Watch out! He has some sort of a fantastic instrument that lets out a death



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> 'One More Heartache' IS 3rd Position, a unique and most Creative solo by
> Butterfield in Dm played on a C harp.
> It can be found on The Resurrection og Pigboy Crabshaw LP or CD, The song
> was written by Smokey Robinson and is NOT a Blues Song but an R&B tune that
> was also covered by Marvin Gaye.
> It was the first 3rd postion solo I learned, Butterfiled plays it off mic
> acoustic style and his tone is really cool on this.
> I love the way the horns weave in around him...
> best,
> Rob P

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