Re: [Harp-L] Coming Home Baby

On Apr 13, 2010, at 4:27 PM, Michael Easton wrote:

The band I'm in, The Humblers, recently put a demo cd together to give to bar owners.
I uploaded a track on my website of our version of "Coming Home Baby."

There is a lot of harp on it compared to the last studio track I recorded.
I do an organ solo using a POG2 when we play live but decided to leave it out for the demo to keep production costs down.
Gear info: Seydel 1847 D harp, Shure 545 mic, 1964(?) blonde Gibson Skylark.

Go to
The audio seems to sound better using Firefox rather then Safari.

Michael Easton

Loved your warbles and smears. A perfect sound for this particular tune. No BS notes. All good clean stuff. The guitar is a couple cents flat..which is just perfect for this tune. All in all a wonderful rendition and at times I thought I was listening to Lee Oskar. I hope you don't take that as a dis.


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