Re: [Harp-L] Paddle Harmonica Question - the Hohner Tremolo Sextet

Hohner has long made - and still makes - a model they call the Tremolo Sextet - six tremolo harmonicas in dfferent keys arranged in a wheel-like configuration with two handles so that you can easily spin the wheel around to another harmonica.. Over the years several manufacturers have also made harmonicas in this configuration with various numbers of harmonicas included.

While the configuration suggests a steamboat's paddle wheel and the handles and holding method suggest a corncob, neither one is "officlal" or "correct," merely descriptive.

You can see the Tremolo Sextet here:


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I'm hoping somebody has info. aout thjis.  a friend has a 6 harmonica Paddle.  I've seen a Hohner 4-harmonica paddle at a museum, in Nova Scotia years ago.  I think they're from the thirties.  This one is different with 6.  Any background on it would be appreciated.


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