[Harp-L] Some videos from Spring Harp Fest


Dan Gage, John Whiteboy Walden, Steve Bulgar from 145th Street band.

I was not asked for permission to post these, but then, I didn't shoot them
either. All I did was create the event out of thin air, desire, persistence,
and a lot of communication. The musicians that performed all donated their
time for our cause. Because of their help, We are going to be able to
purchase 1000 harmonicas for the Blues in the Schools program. If you want
to contribute and help us keep the ball rolling, Go to the paypal link and
send a donation.

Enjoy the music.

We are planning on having a CD set available for purchase shortly as a way
to finance future events.


Harmonica John Frazer

Cel 619-709-2217

"Watch out! He has some sort of a fantastic instrument that lets out a death



To donate to Spring Harp Fest, click the link below


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