[Harp-L] FS: Tweed Bassman clone- harp optimized

I am selling a 5F6A tweed Bassman clone amp that I have tweaked for
harmonica.   It has-
Hand wired eyelet board construction
Mojo Tone transformers
Finger jointed solid pine cab with coated tweed
Mainly Russian paper-oil signal caps (others are Mallory 150)
Sprague filter caps with 100 mfd x 2 series caps for the first node
Power tube bias test points and adjustment pot accessible without removing
the back panel
Three Jensen RI alnico p10r speakers and one Eminence Delta Demon large
magnet ceramic speaker
Line out jack
1.5 K grid stopper resistors added
6l6 plates are 460v with 37 ma idle current
Tubes are Sovtek 6l6wxt+, Sovtek 5ar4, EH 12ay7.  Will include a NOS 5R4 for
more sag.

It has the following circuit changes for harmonica-
Channel 1 input load resistor is 5 meg
Channel 1 plate resistor is bypassed with a .001 mfd cap
Channel 2 (bright channel) normalized by disconnection of bright cap, so
channel 1 is "dark" and channel 2 is "normal"
All coupling caps are .1 mfd
Tone stack with 100K slope resistor and .1 mfd bass cap
Last power supply dropping resistor increased to 82K to reduce preamp plate
(I'll return any or all of these changes to "stock" if desired)

The cab is about 1 in narrower than a typical Bassman and the chassis is
narrower (tweed Bandmaster size).  The mid tone control is located in the
pilot lamp spot.   The pilot lamp was moved to the ground switch spot which
is unused in amps with a grounded line cord.   Everything else about the amp
including circuit design, transformers, controls etc is 5F6A Bassman.

Condition is excellent minus.  it has a few tiny tweed scuffs and dirt
spots.   Overall visual vibe is excellent.  The pics accurately reflect the

This amp sounds fabulous for harmonica!  I sell because I have multiple amps
of this size and almost never use them.

Price is $750, plus shipping, probably $40-50.  Great packing for free.
Or pick it up in Iowa City, IA.

Pics are at site, below, files starting with "bassman"

Jim Rossen

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