[Harp-L] i could use some help (chromatic) with out of shape windsavers

my chromatic practicing/learning is limited now and i want to get more
comfortable playing. to get over my fear of chrom. a while back I decided on
a cx-12 (key of c) for my first chrom. based on the way it's easily opened
to be cleaned(and it just looked cool). my tinkering skills are limited
mostly to minor gapping on diatonics. A couple of the windsavers have gotten
abused by my hard playing early on before i adjusted---so they flap and make
noise sometimes. some of the clear plastic doesn't lay flat and some of the
inner white part that rests on the reedplate are raised and not sitting
flush. my guess is that they need to be replaced. i know there are a lot of
options for material of the windsaver. I'm wondering if i should buy a new
chrom. (which one?) or send this one to someone who can fix this up so i can
continue practicing or is this something i can fix myself with some
I have only posted a few times but i really do appreciate all of the useful
information(i'm also ready for the occasional mean guy comment on harp-l
who's ticked off at the world and obviously better than me). please forgive
me for my lack of technical knowledge.

the music i'm playing ranges from Americana/folk, blues, and even some
bluegrass tunes. The band is appropriately named trainwreck. 2 acoustic
guitar players/singers(1 switches to a Dobro), 1 banjo player(who can play a
mean diddley bow), a one-eyed mandolin player who shreds, a stand up bass
player who can really belt a tune, and me on harp(just diatonic for now) we
play private events and weddings during the summer on martha's vineyard and
bars in the winter.

Robert Stalvey

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