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Yup, mean and edgy and all those superlatives. By clean I meant that it is all Alan Wilson. He is not concerned with this or that microphone or amplifier. The path between his harp, the mic he's using, whatever is amplifying it, the recording process and what you are hearing at home is as unaltered as you will ever hear. 
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  I wouldn't excatly call the sound on "Drifter" clean - it's mean and edgy as hell.......and deadly precise....

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    The pictures from those sessions show him playing what is probably a studio vocal mic. It has a Canon (xlr) connector and a quick connect for a mic stand. I have no idea on an amplifier or if he even used one. His sound was really clean. There are other pictures in Fito's "Living the Blues" that show him using a 545 pistol grip.
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    I've been listening to this album a little bit... anyone got any idea what kind of rig Blind Owl used here?  His tone was simply amazing...


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