[Harp-L] Alan Wilson Hooker & Heat Australian players etc

Hooker & Heat: 
Scott that's a good question.I have no Idea what amp set-up he's useing however,this album was my inspiration to deep gnarly harp tone for many years. I often use  Kalamazoo Model 2's [sometimes]linked through a Fat Dog Splitter using a Microphone from Dennis Oelig [Mr Microphone] which gives me very comparable crunch, tone and 'that' effect. I don't think he's useing anything 'big' maybe an old Valco or some such ? Try: www.harpamps.com 
Every now and then I play with James T. from Canned Heat. He seems rather un-interested in 'gear'. Basically he'll use 'almost anything with tubes in it ' and basically adjust to it [and he's a top shelf tongue block smooth blues/boogie player].
 James had an 80's Bassman [tweaked by Harvey Mandel] when we first met but now, he just uses a cheap Peavey and a Beringer for his harmonica [it's majorly acoustic/electric show]? 
 That great harp tone on Hooker & Heat, I believe is all about Al's regard and inspiration to playing with John Lee. 
The 'freshness of the improvisation' is that wonderful 'live' creative process captured forever. He layed out some of the most inspired low down swampy amped lines ever on some of those tracks, there is no doubt. 
Hey Scott, why not give Papa LightFoot a good listen too? 
That is a ' cranky low down amplified tone' and very deceptive clever licks on his tunes too. Another really great blues player.
I love Paul Butterfields [Lost Elextra Sessions]too.

As for that earlier post  by Eric about Australian players: Bluegrass/country+ blues there's... Lawrie Minson [Australia's Charlie McCoy], Tony Clifford, Jim Conway, Ian Collard, Chris Wilson, Rex Hill, Robert Susz, Ron King, and literally a busload of others escaping my mind right now...
 Just to boast, Tony Eyers and I came 'equal third' at the Hohner Harmonica Championships a couple of years back.
 How the hell that happened is beyond me. 
He's a really great bluegrass player who technically can easily run rings around me. I am much more a intuitive deep south electric boogie/acoustic blues style of player. 
It was 'a total freakout' that experience. In fact it was very easy to have 'the nerves' get the better of your intentions. Also there is nothing worse in my opinion, than playing to your peers in a 'contest'? Scarey.

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