[Harp-L] re: Buddha's Come to Jesus Harmonica Repair Kit.

Since Gary mentioned my "come to Jesus" moment, I'll share the story
with you.  I nearly killed myself.... no I wasn't depressed, I was
however, very STUPID.  I was making reed removal tools and had the fly
cutter bit in the wrong way.  While it was spinning it came loose and
fly in between my arm and my chest and got lodged into a book on the
other side of the room.  If I didn't have my arm up for some reason or
had been standing a few inches more to the right, that 4" chunk of
sharpened steel would have been sunk into my chest. And then who
knows... maybe the six dogs in my house would start eating me or

The kits I make are designed for harmonicas and handmade by me. This
is not a hodge podge of cheap tools from Asia that are thrown together
and stuck in a cheap pouch.  I make all of the tools out of A2 and D2
tool steel.  This is expensive stuff but makes for a very nice tool
set that will never break and never wear out. I make certain other
tools out of brass so the plates and reeds don't get all scratched up.
 The kits come in a custom box that rivals the looks of my custom

Repair Kit $75 + $10 in the US
Reed Wrench
Reed Arching tool.
.001 shims
"Joliet" Tool (used for tuning)
Screw Driver
Light Embossing tool

Customizer's Kit $170 + $10 shipping in the US
Reed Wrench
Reed Arching tool
.001 shims
"Joliet" Tool (used for tuning)
Flat head Screw Driver (works for phillips head too)
Reed chamfer tool
Light Embossing tool
Fine Embossing Tool
Heavy Embossing Tool
Reed Tolerance Tool
Reed Push down tool
Buddha's touch (special elixir)

Individual items
Reed Removal Tool - $45
Reed Plate Removal tool (for combs with nails) $25

My current stock of repair kits are sold but I'm going to order more
steel this week.  If you're interested in a kit let me know so I can
order the appropriate amount of tool steel and brass.

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