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The world has lost another great harmonica player.

I had the good fortune to call Mark a friend, and the opportunity to hear some of his stories as well as his music.  I enjoyed personal concerts by Mark and the Famous Unknowns, when I was one of a handful in the joint -- they played as if they had a full house.  Each of his albums had great music, but his last, Temporary Life, was his best, solid throughout.  Great tone, great musicianship (he played sax, flute, and organ in addition to the harmonica, both diatonic and chromatic), fine entertainer.  

If you've never heard Mark Sallings, do yourself a favor -- here's a link to his MySpace page, with some tunes:

Then order Temporary Life at:

Boy, have I got the blues today...

-Phil in KC

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*Memphis Harmonica Player Mark Sallings Killed In Auto Accident:*
This terrible news just in:
Arkansas State Police say harmonica player Mark Sallings <>, 56, died when his
1995 Buick veered onto the westbound shoulder of Highway 64.
Click here <> to see the story.
Click here <> to see Mark's <> website, and here <> to see his MySpace <> with song samples.
Mark <> was a good man, a fine harmonica player, and was very active musician
in the deep south. We are so sorry to report his untimely passing.

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