[Harp-L] Mark Sallings killed in auto accident.

The harmonica world has lost one of our greatest Blues harmonica players  
last night, Mark Sallings. Mark was on his way to perform a concert last night,  
and he was killed in an auto accident. At this moment I do not have anymore  
details about his accident, and plans for his funeral service. Hopefully by  
sometime tomorrow I will be able to post more information about the loss of my  
dear friend. I performed with Mark many times over the past ten years,  along 
with his band, The Famous Unknowns. Please go to my web site: 
_www.harmonicaonline.com_ (http://www.harmonicaonline.com)  and click  onto my photo gallery, 
there is a photo of Mark Sallings, Pat Ramsey and  myself  that was taken at a 
SPAH convention a few years ago in Kansas City.  Pat and I were guest 
soloists with Mark and his band. Pat also passed away a few  months ago. I am still 
in a state of shock from this horrible  news.  From Tulsa Read.
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