[Harp-L] Intermediate Jazz Improvisation

While we're on the subject of the Aebersold materials, especially the ii/V/I Volume 3 stuff, I though i might add that I've been working lately with a book I got from Aerbersold called "Intermediate Jazz Improvisation" by George Bouchard...very helpful, and in fact I'm on chapter 5 right now, which deals with melodic connecting and the major cadence, which is another way of talking about the ii/V/I. Very good book, well-written, go at your own pace...the first 8 chapters deal with various aspects of jazz improv and offer exercises...then the rest of the book contains "essays" on how to approach various tunes that i guess every intermediate jazz player either struggles with, knows,  is learning or planning to learn. Highly recommended!!

WVa Bob 

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