[Harp-L] Marine Band's - Heresy, etc.

For the record, I own more Hohner harps than any other brand.  I've never
said a bad word about Marine Bands since I have never owned one. Since I am
a relative newcomer to the instrument, after hearing what was said about
Marine Bands on this board, among other places, I never seriously considered
investing in them.  Over the past few months, I have listened to a running
dialogue on this list that borders on the compulsive about how to fix
various problems with Marine Bands and constant questions about Marine Band

What I was hoping for with my post was serious explanation of Marine Band
benefits that would justify the harps cult status. Things like richer tone,
easier bend, better projection, longer life, etc.  I didn't hear that.  What
I heard were mostly history lessons and how much better MB's are now than in
the bad old days.  The most rational comment about MB design I have heard in
the past several days came from Brendan Power in his video introducing the
Suzuki Manji.  He explained that the MB style vented cover plates on the
Manji allow the player to hear the reed action and their own playing better.
That was the kind of info I am hoping for.

Bill Kumpe
Tulsa, OK

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