Re: [Harp-L] Bassman point to point kits

Sorry all. I neglected to mention that these are for changing the pcb re-issue bassman to a point to point type amp. It's
a great upgrade. They can obviously also be used for a scratch build.


Hi all. I always clean up the shop after I ship out a finished amp. This time around I came across a couple point to point
Bassman kit's. I used to make these years back and still do on occasion when requested. If anyone's interested, they're
$250 and include everything. The kit's are the mian board with the pot's pre wired and the tube socket wires all pre-wired.
everything is already cut to length to fit in the Bassman chassis. Also included is the filter cap board pre wired as well.
With these kit's I include an altered copy of the 59 Bassman layout for easy instalation. I can also install the kit for you
for $450 + shipping. With this option I will need just the chassis shipped to me. The kit's I have in stock are modified for
harp but I can make them stock as well. All kit's also come with an adjustable bias pot mounted to the main board for
easy bias adjustment. If interested, shoot me an email.

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