[Harp-L] Digitech RP100 problem


I bought an RP100A off craigslist. $40US. I also use it with an Art Tube MP preamp. Have tried it before and after the effects unit. Sounds decent both ways. The preamp really seems to add some warmth and drive when I want to add it. 


Are you using batteries? When I first obtained it, I put brand new batteries in and remember having some issues with it. I now power it with the Digitech walwart exclusively which has a very high MA rating (1300!) and is relatively expensive compared to your standard 9v walwart. $30.00 if I remember correctly. 


I really dont care for the reverbs on the unit (just my opinion) and use the delay instead on some of the presets I have programmed. I have not lost any settings or had any issues since getting the proprietary power supply.


Thats $70 I have into this thing. I like it for the same reasons you do. Its convenient. Its compact, (have the unit and the tube amp pre-connected in a small case) and its very versatile in the many sounds it will create and its fun to experiment with. Very cool to have a detuner, envelope filter, auto wah etc... and the ability to combine the effects with the many delay emulations as well in one compact unit.


To my ear, it does not provide the same quality of sounds as a train of high-end pedals, however to the untrained or unknowing ear (95% of our audience) it does a fine job of creating some very unique sounds. That and $70.00 is 1/3 the cost of a new EHX Micro Pog!


As info, it is not my main rig however it does get used when I need to emulate an organ or horn section or when I need a UFO to land on the stage! 






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