[Harp-L] danelectro fab echo

I tried out the fab echo at a practice on Saturday.

On the minus side:
It's orange
The electronics look like something on a talking Hallmark Card
A battery hardly fits in the battery space--you need the wall wart power
Nasty digital feedback at high settings

On the plus side:
It's orange
It sounds nice with the delay at a low setting and mix set right in the
It costs $15.00

Bottom line:  It's a slapback echo, not exactly a reverb but close enough.
This pedal sounds better than even some of the amp reverbs. If you have an
amp with no reverb, give it a try. With the wallwart adapter it's a whopping
$23.00. If you want Pink Floyd echos, this isn't the right pedal.

Note: I used the Fab Echo with a really hot bullet mic. Yo may be able to
user higher settings without feedback.

Rainbow Jimmy

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