Re: [Harp-L] Music First, Harmonica Second

Sj sez;

The short answer might be: Most people on the list are blues types. What
else are they going to reference?

And every time something chromatic DOES come up, it get's buried. (Just watch & see)

Wolf said:

"As I read submissions to harp-l, I often see opinions that are couched
in terms about harmonica technique but are really about taste in music, or
are heavily informed by that taste."

Hmm, I'm not a blues guy. The recent harmonica trio stuff Dave Payne and George Miklas have been bringing up, it's been getting buried? Realistically speaking there isn't a way to bury a topic anyhow. Either people post on it or they don't. I recently had the pleasure of watching Dennis Greunling sit at a table in Sacramento and give harmonica lessons to one of the younger up and coming players. Dennis is a blues type. None of the technique he was teaching was at all specific to a genre of music. He's an amazing teacher by the way.

Watching James Conway teach corner switching was another treat. Sure he's trying to play Irish music with the technique but that particular technique is not at all specific to the music he plays. Quick big jumps are a lot faster if you can play out of both sides of your mouth. Robert Bonfiglio teaches this same technique and as far as I know he isn't an Irish traditional music player. Jerry Devillier was also using both sides of his mouth to play traditional Cajun music.

Wnen I go to seminars even really bad ones my goal is to find at least one useful thing to take away from the experience. I pretty much can always succeed at this. Reading harp-l is pretty much the same for me. Amidst the constant stream of you tube links and amp talk there are some real gems. My job is to find them. fjm

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