[Harp-L] Harp Commander #1 sell price question


I purchased mine from ebay for $150.00 about 5 years ago. Still use it today. I even sent it to Ron for a "once over" in which he adjusted the gain settings and compressor to match the newer JR and III models. He sent it back with his "John Hancock" on the bottom of the unit. This is after he knew I was not the original owner. Did not charge me! Just paid shipping. Best 150 I ever spent when it comes to harp gear and I will never part with it. 


Is first in my pedal train with a Boss DM2 right behind it and a modded DanEcho behind that when the long "Gilmour" delays are needed. Run it strait to the PA and use my Blues or Valve Jr for a monitor with a CAD VC50 for a mic. Zero feedback, all the volume I need, good crunch when I want it. Great, round sound out of any PA or amp everytime. Planning on addiing a micro pog or an OC2 very soon.


Harps and connected devices contained in 1 case. Set up is an honest 2 minutes or less with plugging in the junctioin box and running the 1/4" cables to a hi Z PA input and amp. Not affiliated with www.holmeseng.com just a very satisfied customer. 


Sure you want to sell this thing man? Its a vintage, out of production, classic piece of prototype equipment specifically designed for us harpers by a true artisan. Will almost certainly increase in value with time. If not monetarily, then defintley in the anals of harp gear history right along side the Green Bullet, JT30, Kalamazoo, Sonny Jr and Kinder AFB. 


Okay, enough hyperbole from me. I wouldnt take less than 200 since you have the HC3!

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