[Harp-L] customizing Lee Oskars

I would guess one reason you don't hear as much about customizing Lee Oskars as opposed to Marine Bands is that they simply need less done to them. The quality control is excellent so they are decently in tune and adequately gapped as is, plus the construction has no inherent flaws: no wood comb prone to swelling, screws rather than nails holding it all together.

Another reason may be that they aren't as friendly to overblow without customizing: as was stated, the reeds have a tendency to squeal a bit, but this can be fixed in at least one of two ways (check the archives for "Turbotape" and "nail polish").

LOs are an excellent product out of the box, but there are people who work on them and can make them significantly better. Perhaps the customizer most associated with LOs would be Pat Missin, who both works on them and plays them himself (a very strong endorsement):


Pat will actually work on just about any brand, so whenever you hear something like "well, no-one works on those" it is pretty much already disproved.

JR Ross

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