Re: [Harp-L] cuxtomizing lee oskars

If you're looking for information on customing harmonicas try

Richard Sleigh has a great book available on this subject. He also sells very elegant evolved useful tool kits. The only Lee Oskar specific thing you'll be missing will be the reed wrench. Lee Oskar reeds are narrower than the Hohner versions. The LO kit that Rick mentions is nice enough and it was the first one I ever bought. I still have it and use several of the tools on a regular basis. The Richard Sleigh kit is more intensive and complete and not a whole lot much more in terms of the cash outlay. People will tell you that you can assemble the tools required to work on harmonicas for very little money. This is true all you need is time and inclination. However many of us just want to cut to the chase. We want to cheat and have someone assemble the tools for us.

To answer your question, yes Lee Oskar harmonicas can be improved upon. fjm

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