[Harp-L] Does anyone know what's being done about Marine Bands???

All of us guys who do the classic stuff depend on them.  No other harmonica feels the same or plays better.(I've got the logo tattooed for Pete's sake!!)  I just bought a new one for an astronomical 31.50, and it blew out after a two hour practice sesh. I'm a working guy, I can't afford the Filisko's or Deluxes.  And I can't not practice either. The tone keeps getting brighter, the wood continues to be unsealed,they need to be gapped, the price keeps going up, and what's worse is that many of us depend on them to make our sound.  I bought a blues harp and it's really giving me the blues.  The recessed comb is a real bummer.  Is anything being done about this?? Has anyone tried to write letters to Hohner or organize some kind of peaceable campaign to raise the quality?  I remember in the halcyon days of five years ago, I paid 19.99 for my first Marine Band.  I guess "materials" have gone up, but how much "materials" are there?  It doesn't seem like other
 instruments have this problem.  Is anything being done about this?


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