RE:[Harp-L] Why am I killing the 4-blow reed so quickly?

Back when I was in college, I remember blowing the four blow reed all the time. My playing has changed over the last three or four years and I don't blow them out so much and they go flat across the board. 
As far as diatonic repairs, the No.  1 reed replacement I do is four draw. I had considered at one point selling individual reeds and the four blow and four draw are why I don't, cause I'd have to bust up reedsets all the time to get No. 4 reeds. No. 5 blow and draw are second. About 90 percent of people blow out the No. 4 or No. 5. 
So, you're not alone. 

Straight harp people, though, don't blow out the four as much. They blow out the 7 blow. It's not only how hard you hit the reed, but the amount of time it spends subjected to a specific amount of force. 

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