[Harp-L] Music First, Harmonica Second

As I read submissions to harp-l, I often see opinions that are couched in terms about harmonica technique but are really about taste in music, or are heavily informed by that taste. 

I laud all who are intellectually, spiritually or emotionally affected by music. I happen to to love. and I mean love, blues. It has never failed to inspire, even thrill me, since I first truly heard it as a child. Not just the I-IV-V chord changes; something deeper.

I understand and accept that half of you (you poor unfortunates) do not love, or even understand, blues. Just as I do not love, or understand, many other kinds of music. 

Why am I writing this? So those who write about harmonica on harp-l will think carefully.  If you are really writing about your taste in music, recognize and acknowledge that.  Yes, this is a harmonica forum, but harmonicas make music; without the art (music) we'd not be compelled to play harmonica or write about it, correct?
In order of importance: I love music. I love blues. I play harmonica.


wolf kristiansen

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