Subject: [Harp-L] Back Line Quandary (gear question)

Hi Tom , I would certainly go for the Vox VT 30. I had a Vox VT 50 and all I used on it was the vox 30 preset amp setting it had on it and man it had very good crisp grunty sound man I wish id aved my settings list to give you an idea but here is a link to me testing out my Vox 50 for the first time at a musical evening on the Vox 30 watt setting !!. The video sound is not good quality but ya gets a good idea , my mic is a EC-3 superscope condencer mic from the 70s .
In my oppion the Marshalls seem to be too loud and top heavey for harp. The Vox has a nice low end !.
Hope this has been of some help Tom.
Davey .G .  NZ .

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