RE: [Harp-L] Back Line Quandary (gear question)

I'm no amp expert, but I haven't had good luck with the Vox Valvetronix amps
and my harmonicas.
Since the vox's are (to my ears) inherently bassy, I thought I could get
some settings that would work for the harp, but for some reason that I don't
understand, I've never gotten a goodharp sound out of my Vt50. (which works
quite well for the guitar.)
Good luck,
Brad Trainham

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Hey all, especially you amp experts. I'm playing a gig in Chicago on Monday
night where I am forced to use an amp from the house back line. It consists
of 2 Marshall JVM410H heads, an Ampeg SVTCL Head and 2 Vox Valvetronix
AD30VT. There are various 4x10 and 6x10 Marshall and Ampeg cabinets to
choose from. Obviously this is a rock club. I plan on going in there armed
with my trusty Kinder AFB+ but I'm clueless about which amp to choose. I
wish I could just go in with my Meteor but it seems that they insist on
bands using the house gear. I'm scared! Help!


tom albanese
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