[Harp-L] What is the 411 on Lee Oskar's? Are reeds wider? Overblow-able? What else?

What are common issues or complainants discussed about Lee Oskar's?
- Are they difficult to over blow?
- What are other possible issues?

I've had a half-doze for a few years but never invested the time to
actually become a player...

I can bend the lower draw notes... but am just ready to experiment
with over-blows,  etc.

For awhile I had trouble with the high notes but I think I'm making
progress there.

I've recently experimented with another brand and really liked it
I had problems with the 4-blow going out... (see separate post)

Now I'm giving my Lee Oskar's another look... but thought I'd find out
what you guys knew about them first.

Thanks for any help.

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