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Check out the fishing tackle boxes. They are hard plastic, so they probably 
break when dropped a few 100 times. But they have lots of compartments and 
lids within lids. Take a few harps and mics with you and see how they fit 
when you visit the fishing goods section at your local sporting goods store.

They must be somewhat roadworthy -- fishermen haul them around -- I don't 
know, I just use mine for home storage.

hope this helps

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> Another subject I guess...
> but the nicest case I have ever had:
> My cousin had one made for me (he is a professional player) out of Koa 
> wood in hawaii.
> It was a beautiful work of art...
> over a short period of time and travel it began to get ruined...
> Drunks at gigs (not me..really) would bump into the stage,( table top 
> at best) and the case would fall.
> Wood cases cannot take the beating...
> I have had three others custom made by loving friends...out of sacred 
> 100 year old wood or cabinet grade oak...etc.
> These also fell apart after hard road use...eventually i even made 
> cases for my cases...
> twice, they have been stolen at city gigs... they must look like a gun 
> case or drug case in the back seat.
> Lately, I just use the plastic case from Hohner.  Problem is when I go 
> to gigs with other harmonica players...some guys give me the rookie 
> treatment...
> Not a big deal...
> but I would love to see a collection of harp cases...wish I would have 
> photographed me long lost ones.
> If you don't go on the road...there are great antique silverware cases 
> that are easily customized for harps...
> The dark red velvet can get grodie, remove and refinish before making 
> the wood inserts...
> Don't use for traveling set as it will be real noisy.
> It does promote better air flow after playing...
> Maybe I will bolt a cool graphic for the dorky front of my Hohner 
> plastic model...or maybe I will just be a dork...It is just a case.
> The best case I have ever seen was a leather one made for Ralph 
> Shine..   calve skin all new Meisterclause harps (when 
> first came out)  work of art..  masterpiece.
> Two sided and folded over itself...
> Grant
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