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On Aug 28, 2009, at 6:25 AM, George Miklas wrote:

The chromatic player is John "Jack" Allison. He was one of my mentors. I met
jack in 1977 and he died in 1984.

Jack Allison was a terrific lead player (as well as the other harps). His family had a real estate business in the north hills of Pgh Pa. I met Jack back in 64 when I got out of the navy, but had known OF him before that.

Jack (lead), SPAH V.P. Herb Eck (bass) and Pete Whalen (chord) had a trio back into the late 40s. In the 50s they were doing the clubs in Pgh and opening for acts at the outdoor stage at Kennywood and West View amusement parks. People like: Jerry Murad's Harmonicats, the Skyliners, Del Vikings, and many others.

Then George Miklas played with them as a youngster. Herb STILL has the trio. It is Herb, Pete Whalen, Dick Biscic. They have been playing at the Buckeye for the last several years. George, meanwhile went on to play WITH Jerry Murad on both bass AND chord. George is currently with the wonderful Harpbeats (with Phil Caltebellotta & Wally Peterman).

My wife and I started dating in 1965 and got married in 66. We used to dance to the Jack Allison band. Jack made it to several SPAHs but unfortunately had a vapor lock back in the mid 80s. He was in his late 40s.

My dad bought a used chord harmonica from
him on my birthday, April 17, 1979, he turned and gave it to me. Jack then
taught me the chords to Galloping Commedians and many other favorites that I
still play today. Another mentor is bass harmonica player Herb Eck. Herb,
Jack & I (I was 14 years old then) began performing together at clubs in
Pittsburgh PA and Youngstown, OH.

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