Re: [Harp-L] Need Harp Case Suggestions

"Bill Kumpe" wrote:
<I don't believe we have a single person in our club who regularly uses a
<store bought hard case.

I saw a LOT of pros at SPAH carrying a particular hard (aluminum I think) rectangular case (in various sizes) with a stand-up design.  The cases looked to me like the ones sold in the SPAH store--I forget who the dealer was, but I'm sure someone connected with the event can remind us all.  I very nearly bought one of those things for myself, but decided to buy one of Greg Heumann's inline volume controls instead.  

Brendan Power was carrying a case with two video cassette (cardboard) covers packed upright side by side into an Olympus (I think) video camera case (soft nylon surface, rectangular shape).  The cardboard videocassette covers fit snugly into the camera case.  He put his harps into that setup standing up, with handmade labels on the ends of the harps describing keys and tunings.  As a homemade setup, it was inexpensive, durable, compact, and practical, all of which qualities I admire in gear.

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