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In the end, there's a lot of choices. Hal Iwan's stuff looks so awesome. I've never actually had one in front of me to check out and from all I've heard it's awesome stuff. 
I have seen Jeff Spoor's stuff. He donated this six-harp leather case to the Elk River contest (Sept. 19 coming up) last year and I salivated over it for the whole time I had it. W.Va. Bob has it now. 


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I will only answer to question no. 1:

Try this company for hard cases or

Personally I own model CHC 56 and I am quite happy with it.

No affiliations - just a satisfied customer


P.S.: Other satified customers on this honorable list
recommend this company
for soft cases.

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> OK, I'm now getting to the point that I need a case for my harmonicas.
> I've seen soft and hard cases.
> I've seen cases made just to hold harmonicas.
> I've seen cases adapted to hold harmonicas.
> I'm considering getting both a soft case (for my favorites) 
> and a hard case to hold everything...
> 1 - What do you guys suggest I look at first in standard "off 
> the shelf" harmonica cases?
> 2 - What about using standard briefcases or other commonly 
> available boxes... and adapting them to hold harmonicas...
>      what suggestions are their in this category?
> 3 - What about soft cases to hold a small sub-set of favorites?
> Oh, please include sources if you know them.
> Thanks for any help.

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