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Opus314 <opus314@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
<OK, I'm now getting to the point that I need a case for my harmonicas.
<I've seen soft and hard cases.
<I've seen cases made just to hold harmonicas.
<I've seen cases adapted to hold harmonicas.
<I'm considering getting both a soft case (for my favorites) and a hard
<case to hold everything...

One thing I'm now convinced of is that the best cases are designed to hold the harp standing on end, as opposed to laying flat.  You can put a lot more harmonicas into any given space by putting them side by side, standing on end, than you can the other way.  To use the stand-up arrangement effectively, you have to label your harps on the end--otherwise you can't see what key and/or tuning you're about to pick up.  

That said, I carry 1) a Seydel case supplied by Coast2Coast that holds 14 harmonicas, laying flat, and 2) a Lee Oskar case, "briefcase" style, that holds about 80 harmonicas if I pack it to the max.  I use the former for most travel and jams, and the latter for recording sessions.  I keep wanting to leave the big case at home, but it seems like every other recording session demands some instrument that I haven't pulled form the case for a couple of years, so I just can't do without the full set.  I 

I carry my Digitech pedal(s), mic, and cables in a shoulder bag, though I may soon switch to a back pack for greater comfort.  Any harp case that could hold the pedals would be too big to be practical.   

I'll probably buy an intermediate-sized standup-style case soon to allow me to pack more than 14 harps to a jam session.  

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