[Harp-L] New Blues Jam in PA

I'm thrilled to announce that Ronnie Ray, host of the famous Cactus
Flats jam in MD, will be hosting a regular Thursday night blues jam at
the Unique Bar & Grill in Blue Ridge Summit, PA beginning Thurs. Sept.
10 from 7-10PM.  The jam may run longer depending on attendance.  Full
back line (PA, bass, guitar and harp amps) will be provided including
drum kit.

If you attended the Cactus Flats jam then you know this is going to be
a great jam.  If you haven't then this is your chance to come out and
see what you missed.  Ronnie really knows how to run a first rate jam
session. It will be a well organized, volume controlled, enthusiastic,
warm and friendly environment for all to enjoy.

See you at the jam !


Unique Bar & Grill
13314 Monterey Ln.
Blue Ridge Summit, PA, 17214

Directions: Map it from your house.


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