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Hello Winslow,

Thank you for the kind words. It was my pleasure to meet you and I had a good time when we jammed.

I'm glad to be on the list and to have the opportunity to learn new things and share with others.

I had a great time at SPAH, it was my first one. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time and energy to go the jams outside the vendors, the only one I could attend was the last blues jam and it was fun. Congratulations to the SPAH organization for the successful event.

Right from the first opening SPAH night I felt inspired, when I could see many of the elderly playing beautiful music. 
I was very lucky to make new friends such as the great player Jack Hopkins, LJ Atkison, Enio Camara (brazilian fellow) and many kind members of the Harmonicoots, to whom we respectfully presented harmonicas at my Brazilian Beat seminar.
I also had priceless help from Kevin Greenwood, Dave Fertig and so many others to mention. Getting together again with artists I produced tours in Brazil such as harmonica legend Gary Smith (our endorser), plus the great Charlie Musselwhite, Rick Estrin, or making new friends like Bob Cohen, Andy Just and Rupert Oysler, to name just a few, was quite a thrill also. I look forward to come back next year.

Well, I think I wrote too much, that's it for now, thank you.


Thiago Cerveira

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        Nice to see Thiago on harp-l. He was at SPAH as a vendor, representing Bends harmonicas. He probably could have sold a lot of diatonics if he'd received his shipment in time. I did acquire from him a Bends 12-hole Tonica chromatic, which I like very much. (My chromatic column in the October issue of will review the Bends Tonica, along with the Seydel Saxony and the Suzuki G-48 (Grégoire Maret signature model)).

        At SPAH, Thiago spent a lot of time showing off both chromatics and diatonics and jamming with people, playing guitar and diatonic in a rack. This guy is a serious player - he played a wide range of music in the course of jamming, and even played John Coltrane's Giant Steps, on diatonic, while accompanying himself on guitar!

        Anyway, it's nice both to see Bends bringing new harmonicas to the US market and to see Thiago contributing here on harp-l.


        Winslow Yerxa
        Author, Harmonica For Dummies ISBN 978-0-470-33729-5


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