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There's this dude, calls himself cool jazz with three "Os" and three "Zs." He's a pretty good musician - don't think he plays harp, though, and he's paying homage to his old man, Monty Dowdy. Seems pretty proud of him, as he should be, says it's his musical heritage and whatnot. Point is, kid's doing some good keeping the memory alive.
He somehow found some audio of his old man's trio, the Harmonicombo, playing at some shindig in North Carolina back in 1958, which just happened to be recorded by some dude who turned on a reel-to-reel recorder backstage.... they are playing Harmonicats Boogie and some other H-Cats cover. Boogie, for instance, has a little bit of something that isn't Harmonicats in it... something a little different and that's good... it's good to hear things that are different.

It's always good when you see a little piece of history like that saved...

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