[Harp-L] another kid keeping the history alive (Albert Hoxie)

This one, I think, actually is a kid. Teenager probably. He was doing something on old man Hoxie, who did more probably to establish the harmonica in this country (the United States) than anybody else. Well, the kid approached me a few months back looking for stuff about Hoxie. I dug up what facts and pics I could over the course of several months, sent it his way and whatnot. While the Elk River Institute for Advanced Harmonica Studies stood firmly behind the kid, in no way did it all come from me, the kid dig plenty of his own homework on this. 
Well, I found this video on youtube, same kid, evidently, it's the video report he was doing for school. Has to be the same kid, unless two kids were doing a report on Hoxie... and some other kid found this picture of the Hoxie band I dug up from some old German mag and put it in the movie. 


Glad to see the memories linger.


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