Re: [Harp-L] Keeping the music alive - trio recording from 1958

Thanks for sharing.  It is wonderful that this audio recording was
preserved, and now it is shared.


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> There's this dude, calls himself cool jazz with three "Os" and three "Zs."
> He's a pretty good musician - don't think he plays harp, though, and he's
> paying homage to his old man, Monty Dowdy. Seems pretty proud of him, as he
> should be, says it's his musical heritage and whatnot. Point is, kid's doing
> some good keeping the memory alive.
> He somehow found some audio of his old man's trio, the Harmonicombo,
> playing at some shindig in North Carolina back in 1958, which just happened
> to be recorded by some dude who turned on a reel-to-reel recorder
> backstage.... they are playing Harmonicats Boogie and some other H-Cats
> cover. Boogie, for instance, has a little bit of something that isn't
> Harmonicats in it... something a little different and that's good... it's
> good to hear things that are different.
> It's always good when you see a little piece of history like that saved...
> Dave
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