[Harp-L] Medium strings or not

Gary Smith  wrote:

My Bozung has aged beautifully and it's I think, loud for how I play....snip....I use Medium Elixirs 
and usually a set will last through a festival season, a set will usually last from the fall till 
the next season when I change them again,..............should I go for light gauge strings or stick 
with mediums?

  A lot of good replies & suggestions. Gary, congrats that your strings last you such a long time. 
  Me, I recently changed over from lights to mediums mainly because of the feel. I would like to play 
like David Bromberg, bending the strings like he does.  So i always kept light gauge strings on at
least one of my gtrs.  But it looks like I just don't play like that nor am i much of a fingerpicker.
So it seems like I like medium gauge for the stuff I've been playing (mostly originals), just for 
  You might experience a slight change in the neck due to the different tensions of the lighter gauge
  Enjoy your experiment.  I suggest everyone have at least 2 guitars.     :)
  Btw, i have for sale a Bozung gtr in OM size, set up by Chris Bozung for light gauge strings, for
c. $3500, in case u know of anyone interested.

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