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I am curious about what dog experts would say about dogs howling to harmonica (a "skilled" player).
Sometimes they stay when they could go, so, even if they sound mournful, are they actually digging it?

The internet should be able to reveal info on this. But I once saw on a tv documentary that dogs
howl due to a primeval urge; their ears are not being hurt by harp or music in general. Dogs that are more closely associated with lower hybridization (closer to wolves than Yorkshire Terriers,
for example), like huskies are more prone to howl.
You may have something there. I had two husky-type dogs, a Samoyed and an Alaskan Malamute, and both howled when I played. Conversely, I had a mixed Lab and I currently own an English Foxhound, and both of those dogs just leave/left the room when I played. I don't know what triggers howling, but some dogs seem to enjoy howling.

Some dogs are music lovers, some are not!


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