Re: Subject: [Harp-L] Time to say thank you

Elisabeth wrote"I read all the way to the end of your 'thank you's' expecting to read my name included as one of the four people who contributed an equal chunk of money to pay your Air Fare to get you to SPAH. Did you really forget so soon?'

Since you've put publicly this message, I'm sending my answer to you that I've sent privately:

I'm so sorry I've forget you because I ve copy and paste the wrong word document and I didn't want to harrasse people with double message. I 've forget Winslow Yerxa and Charlie Musselwhite too and I've apologize to them too

I do apologize to you

In the SPAH program your name has been mentioned, so everyone knows that you've been implied in my coming here.

My relationship with Greg is not your business at all, and I did mention him in my previous email.

Christelle Berthon

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