Re: [Harp-L] Incognito me too....Spiers harmonicas

It is an extreme pain in the ass to try to run an internet business and your computer junks. 

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Well I guess mine didn't explode, but it crapped out a few days ago and I haven't gotten everything sorted out. I'm unable to recieve communication through "The Contact Form" on my website for the time being. If anyone on here has tried with no response recently, please contact me via email.
j o e m o p a r////a t\\\n o r t h m o *d o t* n e t
Thank you,
Joe Spiers

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> I have been inadvertantly incognito for the past few days. This veil of mystery is but for a short time lifted, I have approximately 2 thousand e-mails in my box and I have to go out of town for the weekend.... I'm going to answer what I can, but for those I don't get in this short time I have, I will get back early next week.
> The deal is, my computer exploded. I don't mean that like how people usually use the word, as simply to make their deal seem significant, I mean it actually exploded. There was a very loud noise that scared the hell out of me.
> I couldn't get a computer at the library Monday or Tuesday, cause the library sucks. I have traveled to another community and am using its library now, which does not suck.
> So, that's my deal.
> Dave
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