Re: [Harp-L] was Renny, now Chmel

Am Montag, 24. August 2009 schrieb Winslow Yerxa:
> Hmm. stainless steel reeds and new valve design. Sound not a little
> like the new Seydel Saxony, which sports both. Could there be a
> connection?

No. I guess i´d knew that.

> The double thickness of reedplates on the low end is a feature of
> the Hohner Super 64x.

No surprise of course, Franz used to play the Super 64x. What i heard 
it won´t be doubled plates, but a continous float in thickness (well 
how can that be said better?) giving each reed an optimal (well...) 
plate thickness.

> Sound like Franz is a bee going from flower to flower . . . .

However he (Franz Chmel, the harmonica reed´s death himself) sais he´s 
playing the beast for 1000 hours now without reed failture and without 
retuning. I´m 100% sure he wouldn´t spend all the time and money 
unless he was expecting to create something really new! 
I have no doubt this thing will be extremly expensive. However if one 
is thinking about spending thousands of dollars for a Seydel Renny it 
might be worth considering waiting for what Franz is developing.


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