Subject: Re: [Harp-L] lips

Okay, that you have the lip problem under control ;)....let's  
talk about those harps. You NEED TO CLEAN THEM!  And yes, I'm a wee bit  
OCD...Jason and I established this a long time ago...
There are several posts in the archives relating to Jason's past posts  
under: Sexy Rocker's OCD Cleaning Ritual...followed by others posts on the same 
 topic. He's since switched to using Kaboom (a generally available purple  
household cleaner he soaks his covers in - and probably other parts - I 
believe  he has a YouTube video or two out discussing his cleaning ritual). I 
still use  Rubbing Alcohol followed by Clorox' Anywhere Hard Surface Spray 
(poured into a  tiny container and wiped onto/into any hard surface with a 
clean cloth or  Q-tip).... remove rust from inside cover plates I use MAAS polish (tube). It  
works on jewelry, silverware and other fine metals, plus plastics, glass, etc. 
 Doesn't scratch...and can be buffed to a gorgeous shine. It was developed  
specifically as an answer to the very toxic metal polishes on the market - 
and  has since been recommended for musical instruments (the reason I use it 
on  harmonicas - specifically my chromatics). I've gotten a lot of old rust 
off the  underside of cover plates with MAAS. I always do a wipe down with 
the  Anywhere spray and then a final, dampened with water clean cloth wipe 
down, then  dry thoroughly. It is time consuming, but worth it. More detailed 
info is all in  the archives here.  Once they're thoroughly cleaned, a 
light maintenance is  all you should need...keep your harps clean ...use a lip 
balm, and you should be  able to help prevent those sores from recurring.
As to tongue abrasions/sores (had you asked about that as well?)...can't  
help too much with those. I've had dental work done with my dentist leaving  
the occasional sharp edges on which I've abraded my tongue while  
playing...ouch!  (People with TMJ issues and/or who grind their teeth are  prone to 
this). I now make it a practice to ask him to smooth out any rough  inside 
edges especially before going away to a isn't fun dealing  with 
this problem far away from home. Alternatively, last year I bought Orajel  
and a tooth filling kit at the local drug store in St. Louis and covered 
over  sharp edges of a molar which was causing me all kinds of  grief, numbing 
the pain with the Orajel. It held until I got home  and I was able to talk 
and play at SPAH without too much agony. 
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Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2009 11:25:06 EDT
From:  Pic2318834@xxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Harp-L] lips
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Hey thanks everyone, I ended up getting Abreva, it's  expensive  though.  
Now I keep cutting one when I shave.  It  is better though,  thanks for all 
advice.  Rusty covers will  be changed out too.


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