[Harp-L] Amp opinions?

I know I sound like a broken record here!
I have an Allen Old Flame 2x10 and a Vibro Champ (both used for harmonica).  My guitar player uses a Princeton Reverb RI with a Celestion speaker, upgraded tubes, and a Van Dehul speaker cable (yes it makes a difference).

For most club dates, I can get by with the VC for stage volume (both our amps are miked).  I haven't tried outdoors.

I am not thrilled with the Old Flame for my uses.  I am thinking of selling it (I've tried numerous tubes and speakers to the point of having wasted enough to buy a super sweet third amp).  I would use the funds to trick out the VC and maybe pick up another blackface inspired amp that is more harp friendly.  The OF is just feedback prone and I don't think it has any better tone than the VC, although it does have a bigger sound at 50w and 2x10 (just a 8" in the Champ)...I use my Kinder with it and you can hear it at http://www.youtube.com/user/NiteRail.

The question is, will a 2x10 VC with Weber vintage speakers keep up with a PRRI.  What about outdoors?  Will it be impossible to hear myself with the low watts?

If I can sell the Old Flame for around $850, I could totally get the 2x10 cab and speakers and have about $500 leftover to put towards a different and larger head or harp amp.


Mike Fugazzi

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