[Harp-L] Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue vs Silverface Princeton Reverb


Years ago, I owned a Silverface Princeton Reverb (not sure what year). I also used to own an original Blackface Blackface '65 Princeton Reverb. I currently own a Princeton Reverb Reissue. IMHO, the original blackface AND the Reissue are better than the silverface. And the Reissue is unquestionably more durable and reliable than either of the others.

Also, tube swaps don't do much to improve a Princeton Reverb. I think JJ preamp tubes sound better for harp in this amp than the Groovetubes that come with the Reissue (the Groovetubes sound a little harsh to my ear--maybe okay for guitar, but not harmonica). BUT, there's no reason to substitute types of tubes in a Princeton Reverb. Changing the tube configuration doesn't improve anything.

I've heard some people say that certain early CBS silverface amps sound great, but it would seem to me that 1974 is way beyond that early CBS time frame. I've never personally played through ANY silverface that I thought was superior or equivalent to a pre CBS blackface. I really like my Princeton Reverb Reissue a lot and I would not trade it for a silverface--not even if the owner of the silverface threw in some cash to boot. Not a close call.

Btw, I put a pair of Fender tilt back legs on my PRRI (I did this on the silverface, too) and tilting the amp back really opens up the sound in wonderful way. if you do this you will also need to put metal corners on the bottom of the amp. I use a 545 Ultimate with the Reissue. It does sound good with certain bullet mics, too, but I'm not a bullet mic guy myself.

Hope this is of assistance to you.

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