Re: [Harp-L] help me choose the right chromatic harmonica !

Bending notes on a chromatic harmonica is possible but requires a gentler and more careful initiation of the bend - it's not an "attack" as it can often be on a diatonic. Still, bending on a chromatic will never soud or feel the way it does on a diatonic - even with the "half-valving" option recommended by some players and customizers, you can't bend notes as deeply as on a diatonic due to the way the notes are arranged.

Still note bending is an important expressive device on the chromatic harmonica.

Airtightness is an important factor in bendability on a chromatic, and 10-hole chromatics such as the Hohner Chromonica tend to be more airtight than bigger chromatics as they have less surface area to leak, both in the reedplates and the mouthpiece/slider assembly.

I don't know if you're shopping in the US or not, and the prices I mention below are available from US-based internet retailers.

A Hohner 270 ($135 and up)Â is a good option, and my experience is that they bend well, though in nearly every brand and model of harmonica, individual instruments vary considerably. For easier servicing, the 270 Deluxe ($170 and up) has reedplates fastened with screws instead of nails.

The CX-12 has a good reputation for bending, again largely due to airtightness. It can be had for as little as $160 if you shop around. 

If you compare the CX-12 to such high-performance chromatics such as the Seydel Saxony at about $390 or the new Suzuki GrÃgoire Maret models at $450-$500, the CX-12 may not seem so expensive - in fact it costs just a litle more than the 270. 

Both the Saxony and the Maret are superior harmonicas well worth the price, but it sounds like you're not shopping in that price range. (By the way, I will be reviewing both these models in the October issue of the online Mel Bay magazine

For airtightness, stay away from the Hohner Chrometta. Good in some ways, they are not airtight, again due to the design of the mouthpiece/slide assembly..

Winslow Yerxa

Author, Harmonica For Dummies ISBN 978-0-470-33729-5

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Subject: [Harp-L] help me choose the right chromatic harmonica !
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Hi ! i am looking for a new chromatic harmonica so i though of checking you opinion . 

i have a hohner chromonica 260 which is a ten hole but i would like to buy a 12 hole one .

what are you suggesting . Are any chromatic harmonicas which bend easier or it still my mouth technique ?

would it be difficult to change for me because of the mouthpiece i ve got used to ? or should i just buy hohner chromonica 270 ?

are any chromatic harmonica with softer slide button ?

why are some HOHNER CX-12's so expensive ? do they provide more ? 

i ll be glad to hear your opinions

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